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Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp.

Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp


Small Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp ohlh1685gm

Product Code: ohlh1685gm

This is a small solid bevelled brass briefcase hasp in Gunmetal Finish. It is an appropriate replacement catch for many OCS briefcase key/ combination locks however, do check dimensions and detail closely, as slight differences in design may mean certain spares won't work with your briefcase.

Dimensions 43mm (closed length) 33mm wide. Hole centres 23mm.

Suits either left or right hand locks.

This range of replacement parts is useful for practically minded people, who have a broken briefcase they do not want to part with and who do not have a saddler or luggage repairer in their neighbourhood.

Price: £15.22 (£12.68 ex VAT) 17.43 USD US Dollars, 14.81 EUR Euros, 112.89 CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi, 1,924.05 JPY Japan Yen

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Small Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp

Small Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp ohlh1685gm

Small Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp

Small Bevelled Brass Briefcase Hasp ohlh1685gm

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Fitting A Briefcase Hasp

Step 1 Peel back the organiser section in the lid by about 5 inches. Don't worry about the stitching as it is dummy stitched.
Step 2 Peel back the leather that covers the underside of the hasp you wish to replace. Once again don't worry about the stitching.
Step 3 You should by now have revealed the back of the rivets that hold the hasp onto the case. Two types of rivet are commonly used. The first type has two legs that can be straightened with a flat headed screwdriver and extracted. The second usually has a washer capping it on the inside which can be carefully drilled out with a cordless drill.
Step 4 Put the new hasp on, tapping down the new rivets with a hammer and reverse the process glueing the lining as you go (Evo-stick is best).