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Small Leathergoods

Leather Credit Card Holders

Leather Credit Card Holders
A range of leather credit card holders.

Leather Key Cases

Leather Key Cases
A range of leather key cases, including bell key cases and zip around versions.

Leather Key Rings

Leather Key Rings
A range of quirky leather key rings.

Leather Bum Bags

Leather Bum Bags
A range of quality leather bum bags or fanny packs.

Leather Wash Bags

Leather Wash Bags
A range of high quality leather wash bags.

Safari Leather Spectacle Case

Code 430446

Safari Leather Spectacle Case

(10.14 ex VAT)

(Approx. 14.02 USD, 11.48 EUR, 1,560.82 JPY)

Yoshi Glasses Case

Code Y4302

Yoshi Glasses CaseSlim Glasses Case

(5.48 ex VAT)

(Approx. 7.58 USD, 6.20 EUR, 843.52 JPY)

1642 Slim Glasses Case in Leather

Code 430917

1642 Slim Glasses Case in red or black Leather

(9.84 ex VAT)

(Approx. 13.61 USD, 11.14 EUR, 1,514.64 JPY)

Harness Slim Glasses Case in Leather

Code 430721

Harness Slim Glasses Case in Leather Harness Slim Glasses Case in Leather

(4.47 ex VAT)

(Approx. 6.18 USD, 5.06 EUR, 688.05 JPY)

Manicure set

Code MAN1

Manicure setManicure set by Jennifer Ulisse

(10.92 ex VAT)

(Approx. 15.10 USD, 12.36 EUR, 1,680.88 JPY)

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Sara & Paul


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Wow have never had such a quick and efficient service!!! Hat arrived at destination today. thank you very much!! Michele

Michele N., London
Great service and very pleased with the goods thanks very much.
Nicholas P., Cumbria
Paul hi, I would like to thank for your amazing response to my non-appearing" tiny " order.

The product you have sent without additional payment being made arrived out of the blue today.

I can only say in this day and age customer service is most often not delivered in the way you have.

Thank you, if the other packages ever turn up I will of course return them.

Finally, my sincerest wish is that your business prospers, and for my part I have already and will continue to sing your praises to any one that will listen.

Kind regards,

Chris B., U.K.
Paul, The order was on the doormat when I got home yesterday, and wanted to say THANK YOU. I am absolutely delighted with what was only a small order, but I now know where to come for more, I am very pleased and very satisfied indeed and also the secure way it was sent. Thank You Glen

Glen, Tamworth
Hi Paul & Sara, Thank you for my order which I received earlier this afternoon - great service [as usual!]
Kind regards & thanks again,

Teresa R., Kent
We received our jackets today and LOVE them!!! Thank you so much!!

Virgina, South Carolina
Just wanted to let you know that the martingale arrived safely and is just beautiful! It looks
really great with the horse brasses strapped to it and hung on the wall. Thanks so much.
I will register later. Carol

Carol N., Oklahoma
Dear Paul and Sara, Sue has just let us know that our order of walking stick knobs have arrived already!! Can't believe how prompt you were with our order! Brilliant work and very impressive. Thanks again. Cheers,

Nick M., Australia
Thanks guys ... order received ... great service, appreciate it ...


Andrew O., Wallingford
Hi Paul,

Thanks for you excellent service, the replacement leather seat arrived today, and I had it fitted within minutes perfectly.

Thank you again so much, it is nice to know that there are companies out there in the UK that still care about service.

I am off to France next week for the first shoot of the season, an need my shooting stick, as I am just 80.

Best wishes.

David G., Hampshire