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Barbour Footwear for Ladies

Barbour Seaside Beach Sandal.

Code LBS0002NY118

Barbour Seaside Beach Sandal. LRF0043Barbour Seaside Beach Sandal in navy made from durable rubber with a coastal-inspired printed insole.

(16.63 ex VAT)

(Approx. 22.28 USD, 18.99 EUR, 2,478.40 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 4.99, paying only 14.97 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 4.16, paying only 12.47

(Approx. 16.71 USD US Dollars, 14.24 EUR Euros, 1,858.80 JPY Japan Yen)

Barbour Abigail Boot

Code LFO0231BK11

Barbour Abigail BootBarbour Abigail Boot

(110.45 ex VAT)

(Approx. 148.00 USD, 126.09 EUR, 16,460.58 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 33.14, paying only 99.41 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 27.61, paying only 82.84

(Approx. 111.00 USD US Dollars, 94.57 EUR Euros, 12,345.44 JPY Japan Yen)

Barbour Short Wellington Boot

Code LRF0061BK31

Barbour Short Wellington BootBarbour Short Wellington Boot

(59.89 ex VAT)

(Approx. 80.25 USD, 68.37 EUR, 8,925.53 JPY)

Barbour Chelsea Wellington Boot

Code LRF0053

Barbour Chelsea Wellington Boot LRF0053Barbour Chelsea Wellington Boot

(42.77 ex VAT)

(Approx. 57.31 USD, 48.83 EUR, 6,374.10 JPY)

Barbour Gosforth Wellington Boot

Code URF0042BK31

Barbour Gosforth Wellington Boot URF0042BK31Barbour Gosforth Wellington Boot

(68.46 ex VAT)

(Approx. 91.73 USD, 78.16 EUR, 10,202.73 JPY)

Barbour Bede Wellington Boot.

Code LRF0043

Barbour Bede Wellington Boot LRF0043Barbour Bede Wellington Boot for ladies in black, navy blue or olive green

(55.61 ex VAT)

(Approx. 74.51 USD, 63.49 EUR, 8,287.67 JPY)

Barbour Hoxton Boot

Code LFO0071

Barbour Hoxton Boot LFO0071Barbour Hoxton Boot

(127.57 ex VAT)

(Approx. 170.94 USD, 145.64 EUR, 19,012.01 JPY)

Barbour Shields Field Boot for ladies in tan

Code LFO0049TA71

Barbour Shields Field Boot for ladies in brown LFO0049TA71Barbour Shields Field Boot for ladies in tan

(196.06 ex VAT)

(Approx. 262.71 USD, 223.83 EUR, 29,219.21 JPY)

Barbour Setter Wellington Boot

Code LRF0019BK11

Barbour Setter Wellington Boot LRF0019BK11Barbour Setter Wellington Boot

(59.89 ex VAT)

(Approx. 80.25 USD, 68.37 EUR, 8,925.53 JPY)

Barbour Leigh Ladies Slipper

Code LFO0108BE51

Leigh Ladies Slipper by Barbour Leigh Ladies Slipper by Barbour in Camel with Classic Tartan Trim

(42.77 ex VAT)

(Approx. 57.31 USD, 48.83 EUR, 6,374.10 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 12.83, paying only 38.49 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 10.69, paying only 32.08

(Approx. 42.98 USD US Dollars, 36.62 EUR Euros, 4,780.57 JPY Japan Yen)

Victoria Ladies Mule Slipper by Barbour

Code LFO0202

Victoria Ladies Mule Slipper by Barbour LFO0202Victoria Ladies Mule Slipper by Barbour

(47.04 ex VAT)

(Approx. 63.03 USD, 53.70 EUR, 7,010.47 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 14.11, paying only 42.34 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 11.76, paying only 35.28

(Approx. 47.27 USD US Dollars, 40.28 EUR Euros, 5,257.85 JPY Japan Yen)

Barbour Women's Tempest Wellington Boot

Code LRF0063OL51

Barbour Women's Tempest Wellington BootBarbour Women's Tempest Wellington Boot

(85.57 ex VAT)

(Approx. 114.66 USD, 97.69 EUR, 12,752.67 JPY)

Barbour Gixer Boot

Code LFO0099

Barbour Gixer Boot LFO0099BR71Barbour Gixer Boot

(119.00 ex VAT)

(Approx. 159.45 USD, 135.85 EUR, 17,734.81 JPY)

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Hi Paul, This is just to let you know that the order was well received in the post on Tuesday May 1st. The item supplied was at the lowest delivered price located on the internet.
Thankyou for your prompt efficient service, I shall have no hesitation in looking again at your website should I require anything that appears within the Cox the Saddler merchandise range. Regards,

Ian M., London
We received our jackets today and LOVE them!!! Thank you so much!!

Virgina, South Carolina
Just to say how much I appreciated the service you gave yesterday in assisting my handbag latch repair. The part you supplied is fitted & working perfectly.
Regards Clive

Clive M., U.K.
The boots arrived today thanks, really pleased with them.

Thanks for the great service.

Pat S., Derbyshire
Dear Sara & Paul, Many thanks for your prompt attention to this order which arrived safely the next day. I do not wish to register but I will certainly remember your excellent service!

Best wishes

Alan C., Hertfordshire
Dear Sara and Paul, A BIG THANK YOU.
For weeks I have been searching for a new wheel for my 18 month old Antler suitcase. A Google search for 'suitcase wheels' brought forward thousands, mostly from China, but none suitable. Then I came across your site which I have to admit I discounted at first. A Saddler, come on. But only closer inspection I found a Delsey wheel which looked identical to the wheel I had 'lost' at Manchester airport.
I took a chance and ordered it. It arrived next day. Fantastic. I fitted it this morning and apart from me having to drill one small hole in the suitcase for a screw it fitted perferctly. Much cheaper than a new suitcase.
Once again thanks for the great service.
Kind Regards

Jack W., Yorkshire
Thank you Sara, I received the Delsey suitcase lock and it was a perfect fit for my Delsey Meridian Case.
M.E., U.K.
Dear Paul & Sara, Just to let you know that the liner I ordered arrived today - we're currently based in Oslo. Very many thanks for such a speedy service.

The liner is super snuggly but, even so, I think the temperatures here, heavy snow and minus 19 forecast for the weekend, have finally outmatched my trusty Barbour and I'll now have to embrace the michelin-man padded down look, at least until the Spring!

Seasons greetings.

best, Jackie

Jackie B., Oslo
Wow have never had such a quick and efficient service!!! Hat arrived at destination today. thank you very much!! Michele

Michele N., London
Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for sending the stick special delivery. It arrived today and my Mum is very happy.


Karen B., Co. Durham