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Handbag Turnclasp in Brass, Antique Brass, Chrome


Handbag Turnclasp Brass, Antique Brass, Chrome


Product Code: CTL4

Price: £13.60 (£11.33 ex VAT)
15.16 USD, 13.62 EUR, 96.50 CNY, 1,753.95 JPY
This is one of our best quality turn clasps. The plate for the front flap of your bag has screw fittings and the male section for the panel of the bag is secured via two fold down legs.All edges are rounded for a nice feel and a pleasant looking design.There are three available colours for this clasp, Brass,Antique Brass and Chrome please make your selection from the drop down menu.


Female Section:
35mm x 25mm (overall)
19mm x 10mm (hole)

Male Section:
23mm x 14mm (extremes)
11mm (from base to joint)

If you have any queries about the suitability of this luggage spare, please call +44 1494 775577 and ask to speak to Paul.

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Replacing A Handbag Turnclasp

Step 1 Check that the back plate is compatible with the existing front plate.
Step 2 We would unstitch a seam and fix the plate but you might find it easier to cut the lining. This can be very neat if executed correctly.
Step 3 Once you have made a neat cut inside the lining, you will probably see the patch that covers the back of the catch, peel this off.
Step 4 The next step is to lift the legs of the broken clasp (sometimes there are screws instead. Take the backplate off and release the broken clasp.
Step 4 Once the old clasp is off, offer the new one up and mark the holes required for the spikes on the front panel. If you are happy with the position, make the holes (I use a small blade) and push the new clasp on.
Step 4 Put the backplate on (I have pushed the spikes right through the lining and held it all in place with the back plate but its your choice) and bend the spikes over, to trap the backplate (and possibly lining) in position.
Step 4 Patch the backplate with a piece of material or stitch it up (I have had great results with some thin leather and double sided tape on the backplate). Finished
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Assorted Handbag Turnclasp


Brass Handbag Turnclasp


Brass Handbag Turnclasp


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