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Opinel Knives

Slimline Opinel Knives with Pointed Blades

slimlineopinelkniveswithpointedblades_opinel knives_knives.jpg
Fine bladed Opinel knives, in various blade lengths.

Carbon Steel Pruning Knives from Opinel

carbonsteelpruningknivesfromopinel_opinel knives_knives.jpg
These carbon bladed knives for gardeners, can be sharpened to a new edge time after time.

Stainless Knives in Oak, Walnut & Olive by Opinel

stainlessknivesinoakwalnutolivebyopinel_opinel knives_knives.jpg
Opinel knives with beautifully grained handles in different woods.

Opinel Table Knives

Laminated handle table knife by Opinel
A beautiful range of table or steak knives from Opinel with 6 different wood handles.

Keyring Knives By Opinel

keyringknivesbyopinel_opinel knives_knives.jpg
Short range of tiny keyring knives by Opinel.

Stainless Steel Knives by Opinel

stainlesssteelknivesbyopinel_opinel knives_knives.jpg
Locking and non-locking, stainless steel bladed knives from Opinel.

Carbon Bladed Knives with Virobloc safety ring.

carbonbladedkniveswithviroblocsafetyring_opinel knives_knives.jpg
Basic locking knives from Opinel.

Carbon Bladed Knives without Virobloc safety ring.

carbonbladedkniveswithoutviroblocsafetyring_opinel knives_knives.jpg
Basic non-locking Opinel knives.

Round Tipped Opinel Safety Knife

Code 001202

Round Tipped Opinel Safety KnifeRound Tipped Opinel Safety Knife

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You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product

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Dear Customers, We don't want you to struggle or waste your time, any queries just give us a call on +44 1494 775577 and we will do our best to help, whether it's about walking stick length, suitcase wheel compatibility or Barbour jacket size.


Thank you Paul,
Very prompt delivery, fitted new hasps easily, just the job. Much appreciated.

Don. M., Dorset
Paul, The order was on the doormat when I got home yesterday, and wanted to say THANK YOU. I am absolutely delighted with what was only a small order, but I now know where to come for more, I am very pleased and very satisfied indeed and also the secure way it was sent. Thank You Glen

Glen, Tamworth
Hi! Sara, Arrived today, fitted tonight. Perfect.
Happy wife !


A. Green, Lincolnshire
I can confirm the goods arrived safely today, excellent service and thank you for your personal attention over the phone. Many thanks for your kind efficient assistance!
Christine F., Maidstone
Today I received the martingale for horse brasses I ordered recently. It arrived promptly - thank you. My late wife was very British, we met when I was serving in the US Air Force. We married and returned home here to the US. She brought with her several horse brasses as a bit of ol’ England. Many of these brasses were mounted on cheap martingales made of a paper material. I am going thru them and re-hanging the brasses on your fine leather martingales. I’ve done several over the last couple years, a few more to go!

Steve L., U.S.
Hi Paul,

I received the Foldaway Supaseat today and although I have not had the opportunity to test it thoroughly, I think it will serve the purpose for which it was envisaged perfectly: I am an amateur (very) birdwatcher and can only walk very short distances with a stick. The Supaseat can double for me as stick and seat while trying to get the best out of nature!

As an aside, I've noted that also purvey some quite attractive walking sticks, so I could well be coming back to you in the not too distant future. Until then, my thanks

Best Regards

Steven R., Denmark
Hi, I tried yesterday on my wife's tablet and managed to order a lock. Many thanks for your help,good to see excellent customer is not dead. Peter

Peter D., Yorkshire
Hi Sara, Thanks - have ordered wheel and axis pin- if this works you have saved me over £100! Most efficient service - well done. Richard

Richard E., Cambridgeshire
Dear Paul, I received the jacket today, it only took 7 days to get here. It looks great! Couldn't be more pleased :)
Thank you,

Emma K., California
Good evening, Brilliant service. Thank you. I wish much bigger Companies my husband and I deal with could aspire to the same high standards.
Good luck with your future business which we will most certainly support.

Hilda W., Newcastle