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Reins for horse riding

Our Leathergoods Repair Service is suspended now until 2018 as it is such a busy time of year. If you need advice though, just email, ideally attaching a picture.

E. Jeffries Falcon Webbing Reins with Bars


E. Jeffries Falcon Webbing Reins with BarsE. Jeffries Falcon Webbing Reins with Bars

(64.66 ex VAT)

(Approx. 86.04 USD, 72.67 EUR, 9,570.07 JPY)

E. Jeffries Plain Falcon Reins


E. Jeffries Plain Falcon ReinsE. Jeffries Plain Falcon Reins

(43.32 ex VAT)

(Approx. 57.65 USD, 48.68 EUR, 6,411.62 JPY)

E. Jeffries Laced Falcon Reins


E. Jeffries Laced Falcon ReinsE. Jeffries Laced Falcon Reins 48 inch

(64.33 ex VAT)

(Approx. 85.60 USD, 72.29 EUR, 9,521.23 JPY)

E. Jeffries Plain Reins


E. Jeffries Plain ReinsE. Jeffries Plain Horse Reins

(44.58 ex VAT)

(Approx. 59.32 USD, 50.10 EUR, 6,598.11 JPY)

E. Jeffries Wembley Rubber Grip Reins


E. Jeffries Wembley Rubber Grip ReinsE. Jeffries Wembley Rubber Grip Horse Reins

(32.50 ex VAT)

(Approx. 43.25 USD, 36.52 EUR, 4,810.20 JPY)

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Dear Customers, We don't want you to struggle or waste your time, any queries just give us a call on +44 1494 775577 and we will do our best to help, whether it's about walking stick length, suitcase wheel compatibility or Barbour jacket size.


Dear Paul, The items arrived this morning. They are exactly what I require to bring my suitcase back to full working order! Superb service and prompt delivery. Thank you very much for your kind attention. I must admit that, as Tripp do not supply replacement parts, I was beginning to be concerned if I would be able to rescue the suitcase. I was amazed to see the selection offered by Cox the Saddler and will certainly use again in the future and recommend to family and friends. Thank you again. Best wishes

Mike S., Exeter
Received the new lock, fitted it to my briefcase same day and it was a simple direct replacement job, works a treat - surprisingly easy considering I bought the briefcase while on holiday in Turkey over 20 years ago! Many Thanks.

Chris S., Coventry
Many thanks for your prompt response. The wheels fit my Tripp suitcase perfectly.
John R., Fleet
Hi Paul, I just picked up my weekend bag at my local post office here in Sweden. I'm very satisfied with the bag so far. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Good communication in forms of order acknowledge and despatched status, fast delivery and reasonable prices. Just wanted to write and say I have had a great experience.

Jakob N., Sweden
The Barbour Boot Bag arrived today. I will definitely use your company again and recommend you to others. Many thanks for your efficient and courteous service.

Emily R., Worcester
Just a note to say thank you for my scope. I have already recommended it to my sister to buy for her daughter for Christmas so you should receive her order soon if you haven't already.
Thanks again.

Gayle J., Pontypridd
Paul, My new jacket (with lining and hood) arrived yesterday and it is perfect. Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. Regards,

Richard S., Indiana
It's a pleasure to business with you, your personal contact is appreciated. The nose band is great. Regards Vicki.
Vicki H., Northumberland
Glasses case arrived this morning - thanks again for prompt service.
Rosemary G., Croxley Green
Thanks very much for the case wheels (and sent so quickly). The axles are a bit long, but I've managed to squeeze them in. You've saved me the cost of a new case, which is great! Best wishes.

Frances N., Oswestry, Shropshire