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Tubular Rivets Chrome Deep pack of ten.

Tubular Rivets coxtr2
Tubular Rivets coxtr2
Tubular Rivets coxtr2
Tubular Rivets coxtr2

Tubular Rivets Chrome Deep


Product Code: coxtr2

Price: £3.53 (£2.94 ex VAT)
3.92 USD, 3.46 EUR, 24.98 CNY, 443.35 JPY
This Tubular Rivet is very easy to use, the two parts snap together and to bond them into position you simply tap them together with a hammer. This one is available in Polished Chrome and has a "raised" head which is a bit more decorative than the standard flat ones. They are packet in units of ten.

Head Size: 8mm
Leg Length: 7mm

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