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Tippling Canes and Novelty Walking Sticks

Tippling Cane in carbonfibre with black plexiglass cap

Code 3910

Tippling Cane in carbonfibreTippling Cane in black carbonfibre with black plexiglass cap

(75.00 ex VAT)

(Approx. 98.22 USD, 83.83 EUR, 11,171.78 JPY)

Tippling Cane in staminawood with silver plated cap

Code 3909

Tippling Cane in staminawood with silver plated capTippling Cane in staminawood with silver plated cap

(165.00 ex VAT)

(Approx. 216.09 USD, 184.42 EUR, 24,577.91 JPY)

Tippling Cane in tan - Knob Topped

Code 1604T

Tippling Cane in tan - Knob ToppedTippling Cane in tan or brown stained wood - Knob Topped

(63.67 ex VAT)

(Approx. 83.38 USD, 71.16 EUR, 9,484.09 JPY)

Toulouse Lautrec Tippling Cane

Code 3901

Toulouse Lautrec Tippling CaneToulouse Lautrec Tippling Cane

(325.00 ex VAT)

(Approx. 425.63 USD, 363.26 EUR, 48,411.03 JPY)

Tippling Cane - Crook Topped

Code 3500

Tippling Cane - Crook ToppedTippling Cane - Crook Topped in beech wood

(92.92 ex VAT)

(Approx. 121.69 USD, 103.86 EUR, 13,841.08 JPY)

Walking Canes with Pill Box Top

Code 3814

Walking Canes with Pill Box TopWalking Canes with Pill Box Top with ceramic inset lid

(105.00 ex VAT)

(Approx. 137.51 USD, 117.36 EUR, 15,640.49 JPY)

Umbrella Cane

Code 1721

Walking Stick containing hidden gentleman's umbrellaWalking Stick containing hidden gentleman's umbrella

(40.17 ex VAT)

(Approx. 52.61 USD, 44.90 EUR, 5,983.60 JPY)

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Dear Customers, We don't want you to struggle or waste your time, any queries just give us a call on +44 1494 775577 and we will do our best to help, whether it's about walking stick length, suitcase wheel compatibility or Barbour jacket size.


Thanks very much. Received walking stick on Saturday morning and it was just lovely!

Dawn P., Royston, Herts.
Package has arrived! Thanks a lot! Am very pleased! Best Regards.

Maria N., Sweden
Cane arrived yesterday and it is lovely. I am going to use it when we renew our wedding vows in Dallas and wearing my wedding dress from 22 years ago. Thank you.
Judy Anderson, Upland, California
My goods have arrived. I'm amazed and very grateful.

I was really very impressed with the speed of service and the trolley which was just the business, really sturdy, simple design and easy to use. I will be recommending your website to my friends in the Cumbria Riding Club, West Cumberland Pony Club and the Cumbria Group of Endurance GB.

Your site is now added to my favourites. I have horses so will be back for a look at your equestrian goods.

Hope you have a peaceful and warm Christmas.

Amanda C., Seascale
I much appreciate your customer care on such a small order and would be happy to register.

Philip S., Catworth
Just wanted to say thanks for getting my bag to me before the weekend, it's much appreciated. Many thanks.

Mathew P., Glossop
Just to let you know the walking stick arrived today. It is excellent, in fact better than I expected.

I have bought this as a Christmas present for my Dad who used to keep and breed greyhounds and whippets so I am sure he will be very pleased with it and also find it useful. Thank you.

Mark G., Devizes
Item received this mornin, faster that Usain Bolt! Thx n best regards

Salvatore C., Italy
Sara and Paul, My jacket arrived this morning - perfect fit so well pleased. Thank you for your brilliant service - from order on-line to delivery in less than 24 hours with great prices - you can't get better than that. Many thanks again - won't hesitate to contact you again in the future.
Best regards,

Russell S., Shropshire
Dears Sara, Debbie and Paul, Greetings from London, hope you are doing well.

I am delighted to confirm that I did receive the shipment this afternoon (very prompt delivery) and repaired my damaged luggage, it has become as good as a new one.
Much obliged

Best regards

V.K., London