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Lunge and Control Equipment

We have a Leathergoods Repair Service!. If you need a free quote, just email, ideally attaching a picture.

Side Reins with Rubber Ring Insert


Side Reins with Rubber Ring InsertSide Reins with Rubber Ring Insert

(75.51 ex VAT)

(Approx. 101.18 USD, 86.20 EUR, 11,253.41 JPY)

Leather Quick Release Draw Reins


Leather Quick Release Draw ReinsLeather Quick Release Draw Reins for horses

(53.94 ex VAT)

(Approx. 72.28 USD, 61.58 EUR, 8,038.79 JPY)

Heavyweight Leather Lead Rein with Brass Chain End

Code CE-HWC24

heavyweight leather lead rein with brass chain endHeavyweight Leather Lead Rein with Brass Chain End

(44.52 ex VAT)

(Approx. 59.65 USD, 50.82 EUR, 6,634.90 JPY)

Lightweight Leather Lead Rein with Brass Chain End


Lightweight Leather Lead Rein with Brass Chain EndLightweight Leather Lead Rein with Brass Chain End

(38.53 ex VAT)

(Approx. 51.63 USD, 43.99 EUR, 5,742.20 JPY)

Medium Weight Breaking and Lunge Cavesson


Medium Weight Breaking and Lunge CavessonMedium Weight Breaking and Lunge Cavesson for horses

(147.95 ex VAT)

(Approx. 198.25 USD, 168.90 EUR, 22,049.28 JPY)

Leather Lead Rein with Handle Loop


Leather Lead Rein with Hand LoopLeather Lead Rein with Hand Loop

(39.55 ex VAT)

(Approx. 53.00 USD, 45.15 EUR, 5,894.22 JPY)

Side Reins with Elastic Insert


Side Reins with Elastic InsertSide Reins with Elastic Insert for lungeing horses

(50.34 ex VAT)

(Approx. 67.45 USD, 57.47 EUR, 7,502.27 JPY)

Webbing Lead Rein


Webbing Lead ReinWebbing Lead Rein for horses

(21.32 ex VAT)

(Approx. 28.57 USD, 24.34 EUR, 3,177.36 JPY)

Contact us: or telephone 01494 775577 during working hours.

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We received our jackets today and LOVE them!!! Thank you so much!!

Virgina, South Carolina
Dear Sara & Paul,

Just wanted to say that the scarf arrived this morning, just hours after ordering and I am so delighted. I am absolutely amazed by the service I have received. Personal and prompt. Having lost my previous scarf it seemed an impossible task to find it again. Describing the scarves you have over the phone has actually located the one I wanted and I now have my 'old scarf' back (in newer condition). Can't tell you how impressed I am and I look forward to receiving your newsletter in the future. Have no doubt I shall be ordering again and thank you SO much!

All the very best,

S.B., Truro
Toward the end of April I sent to you a case with defective lock. I requested that the lock be repaired /replaced. You repaired the lock & I had the case back within about a week of sending it. For the repair you charged 5. You said the repair had been simple & quick to do.

I thank you for peerless customer service & integrity. It would have been easy for you to charge me ten times more & I'd have still paid up happily. So thank you for exemplary service.

Michael P., U.K.
Dear Sara and Paul,

Many thanks for sending the turnclasp so quickly. It arrived on Tuesday.

It is the perfect replacement clasp for a favourite bag which needed mending :-)

I really appreciate your excellent service.

Best wishes

Sarah I., Kent
The boots arrived today thanks, really pleased with them.

Thanks for the great service.

Pat S., Derbyshire
Many Thanks for despatching so quickly.

Received my Hide Care Today.

Kind Regards


Kim. B., Suffolk
Hi Paul, Just to let you know that the horse brass strap has arrived safely, and is just what I required.

Many thanks, Glenn

Glenn B., New South Wales
All received, many thanks. Very impressed with the service and delivery. Pete

Peter P., West Sussex
Hi, I got my hat today, I am utterly delighted with it, we have his 'n' hers matching hats now, which is unfortunate but such a great hat and as before, terrific customer service and communication and it was dispatched so fast.
I love my hat and it arrived really fast! And your customer service is fantastic. Many thanks,

K.A., France
Brilliant, a fantasy service. Thank you.

Robin F., Hampshire