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Connolly Concentrated Leather CLEANER.

Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner
Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner
Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner
Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner

Connolly Concentrated Leather CLEANER


Product Code: 175101

Price: £17.50 (£14.58 ex VAT)
19.45 USD, 17.15 EUR, 123.86 CNY, 2,198.66 JPY
Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner
A traditional hide cleaner for all leather
goods, furniture and clothing. 500ml

We have had excellent reports of this product from people who have used it to clean leather furniture.

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Connolly HIDE FOOD for Leather with Lanolin
Connolly Hide Food for LeatherConnolly Hide Care is a traditional lanoline based bees' wax treatment for fine leather goods, upholstery and clothing. It moisturises and feeds the leather prolonging its life and restoring suppleness. 284ml jar. We use Connolly Hide Care for many tasks in the saddlery including the treatment of; handbags, briefcases, purses and wallets but its use need not be confined to small leather goods. Connolly Hide Care was in fact developed for use on car upholstery, specifically Roll Royce upholstery. Over the years we have also sold it to people who are restoring cars, leather sofas, leather topped desks and even to people re-binding old books. Clean leather first with Connolly Leather Cleaner then when dry, apply Connolly Hide Care sparingly, with a soft dry cloth, using circular motions. We always advise testing Connolly Hide Food first on part of the object which will not be seen as it wil darken the leather slightly and this may not be to your taste. KEEP AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. CONNOLLY HIDE FOOD WILL NOT WITHSTAND FROST.

(£13.12 ex VAT)
17.50 USD, 15.43 EUR, 111.46 CNY, 1,978.49 JPY


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