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Barbour Socks

Barbour Fairisle Boot Sock

Code MSO0150

Barbour Fairisle Boot Sock MSO0150


Barbour Sardine Sock

Code MSO0136

Barbour Sardine Sock in blue or red MSO0136


Barbour Terrier Socks

Code LSO0101

Barbour Terrier Socks LSO0101


Barbour Brunton Socks

Code MSO0164

Barbour Brunton Socks MSO0164


Barbour Holwick Sock

Code MSO0159

Barbour Holwick Sock MSO0159


Barbour Mavin Sock

Code MSO0068

Barbour Mavin Sock in red with pheasant motif


Barbour Harrow Sock

Code MSO0149

Barbour Harrow Sock MSO0149


Barbour Tweed Gun Stockings

Code MSO0004

Barbour Tweed Gun Stockings in olive


Barbour Boyd Fairisle Sock

Code MSO0062

Barbour Boyd Fairisle Sock in Grey mix


Barbour Paw Stripe Socks

Code LSO0102

Barbour Paw Stripe Socks LSO0102


Barbour Timble Socks

Code MSO0157

Barbour Timble Socks MSO0157


Barbour Barrasford Socks

Code MSO0071

Barbour Barrasford Socks MSO0071


Barbour Heywood Striped Sock

Code MSO0052

Barbour Heywood Striped Sock in navy and pink


Barbour Animal Mix Sock

Code MSO0139

Barbour Animal Mix Sock in blue, red or charcoal MSO0139


Barbour Fairisle Sock

Code MSO0126

Barbour Onso Fairisle Sock MSO0126


Barbour Men's Fish Sock

Code MSO0156

Barbour Men's Fish Sock MSO0156


Barbour Pointer Sock

Code MSO0129

Barbour Pointer Sock MSO0129


Barbour Cragg Boot Sock

Code MSO0074

Barbour Cragg Boot Sock MSO0074


Barbour Strawberry Socks

Code LSO0097

Barbour Strawberry Socks LSO0097