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Barbour Felted Fairisle Scarf

Code LSC0069

Barbour Felted Fairisle Scarf in olive mixSALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour Plain Woven Lambswool Scarf with fringe

Code LSC0133

Barbour Plain Woven Lambswool Scarf with fringe LSC0133SALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour Rain Choker

Code MAC0006OL31

Barbour Rain Choker in olive greenSALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour Plain Lambswool Scarf

Code USC0008

Barbour Plain Lambswool Scarf in thistleSALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf

Code USC0001

Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf USC0001SALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour Merino Cashmere Tartan Scarf

Code USC0002

Barbour Tartan Merino Cashmere Scarf Classic Tartan shownSALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour Unisex Hedley Scarf

Code USC0129

Barbour Unisex Hedley Scarf in NavySALE!
SAVE 26%

Barbour Boxley Scarf

Code USC0268

Barbour Boxley Scarf USC0268SALE!
SAVE 25%

Barbour New Check Scarf

Code USC0137

Barbour New Check Scarf USC0137SALE!
SAVE 25%