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Ladies My Walit Purses

My Walit Simple Flapover Purse/Wallet

Code 1232-122

My Walit Simple Flapover Purse/Wallet 1232-122My Walit Simple Flapover Purse/Wallet

(44.79 ex VAT)

(Approx. 59.96 USD, 50.93 EUR, 6,801.54 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 8.06, paying only 45.69 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 6.72, paying only 38.07

(Approx. 50.96 USD US Dollars, 43.29 EUR Euros, 5,781.31 JPY Japan Yen)

My Walit small wallet zip round purse

Code 226-12

My Walit small wallet zip round purse 226-12My Walit small wallet zip around purse

(31.25 ex VAT)

(Approx. 41.83 USD, 35.54 EUR, 4,745.44 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 5.63, paying only 31.88 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 4.69, paying only 26.56

(Approx. 35.56 USD US Dollars, 30.21 EUR Euros, 4,033.62 JPY Japan Yen)

My Walit Medium Zip Around Purse

Code 231-122

My Walit Medium Zip Around Purse 231-122My Walit Medium Zip Around Purse

(45.83 ex VAT)

(Approx. 61.35 USD, 52.12 EUR, 6,959.47 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 8.25, paying only 46.75 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 6.87, paying only 38.96

(Approx. 52.15 USD US Dollars, 44.30 EUR Euros, 5,915.55 JPY Japan Yen)

My Walit Double Flapover Purse

Code 250-126

My Walit Double Flapover Purse 250-126My Walit Double Flapover Purse

(56.25 ex VAT)

(Approx. 75.30 USD, 63.96 EUR, 8,541.79 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 10.13, paying only 57.38 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 8.44, paying only 47.81

(Approx. 64.00 USD US Dollars, 54.37 EUR Euros, 7,260.52 JPY Japan Yen)

My Walit Double Zip Pouch

Code 1225-92

My Walit Double Zip Pouch 1225-92My Walit Double Zip Pouch

(42.42 ex VAT)

(Approx. 56.78 USD, 48.24 EUR, 6,441.65 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 7.64, paying only 43.27 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 6.36, paying only 36.06

(Approx. 48.27 USD US Dollars, 41.00 EUR Euros, 5,475.40 JPY Japan Yen)

My Walit Medium Matinee Purse

Code 237-12

My Walit Medium Matinee Purse 237-12My Walit Medium Matinee Purse

(62.50 ex VAT)

(Approx. 83.66 USD, 71.07 EUR, 9,490.88 JPY)
Newsletter subscribers SAVE 11.25, paying only 63.75 for this product. It is quick and easy.
Ex Vat - Save 9.38, paying only 53.13

(Approx. 71.11 USD US Dollars, 60.41 EUR Euros, 8,067.24 JPY Japan Yen)

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Dear Customers, We don't want you to struggle or waste your time, any queries just give us a call on +44 1494 775577 and we will do our best to help, whether it's about walking stick length, suitcase wheel compatibility or Barbour jacket size.


Thank you so much. My dad absolutely loves the walking stick and it was amazingly quick delivery. The walking stick is of great quality, and perfect for what I have been searching for, for my dad. Thank you for a great service 😀 Deborah

Deborah G., Devon
Hi Paul,

Thanks for you excellent service, the replacement leather seat arrived today, and I had it fitted within minutes perfectly.

Thank you again so much, it is nice to know that there are companies out there in the UK that still care about service.

I am off to France next week for the first shoot of the season, an need my shooting stick, as I am just 80.

Best wishes.

David G., Hampshire
Dear Paul and Sara, Sue has just let us know that our order of walking stick knobs have arrived already!! Can't believe how prompt you were with our order! Brilliant work and very impressive. Thanks again. Cheers,

Nick M., Australia
Hi Paul, The order arrived today, many thanks. Great service! The leathers look great too. Im sure my sister will be thrilled with them - they are part of her Christmas present. Kind regards

Cheryl F., London
Excellent, prompt service yet again. My order arrived within 24 hours of placing it! I genuinely think your service is exceptional.
Happy Christmas to you all, Gill.

Gill, Pinner
Hi Sara, Thanks - have ordered wheel and axis pin- if this works you have saved me over 100! Most efficient service - well done. Richard

Richard E., Cambridgeshire
Today I received the martingale for horse brasses I ordered recently. It arrived promptly - thank you. My late wife was very British, we met when I was serving in the US Air Force. We married and returned home here to the US. She brought with her several horse brasses as a bit of ol England. Many of these brasses were mounted on cheap martingales made of a paper material. I am going thru them and re-hanging the brasses on your fine leather martingales. Ive done several over the last couple years, a few more to go!

Steve L., U.S.
Thank you for your help and for providing such a brilliant service! All the best, Malcolm

Malcolm W., Welwyn
Hi! I have received the keys! They work great!
Had a hard time finding the keys even the company no longer has it. Was so glad to be able to find it from you guys.
Thank you! Best regards,

J.X., Singapore
Good evening, Brilliant service. Thank you. I wish much bigger Companies my husband and I deal with could aspire to the same high standards.
Good luck with your future business which we will most certainly support.

Hilda W., Newcastle