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Thick Leather Shoulder Strap in dark reddish brown.

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A replacement strap for your briefcase. Available in this dark reddish brown with brushed brass fittings only. The strap can be buckled from a minimum of approximately 102cm to a maximum of approximately 106cm and its width is 25mm. The strap can be fitted with tubular rivets or Sam Browne studs (see below) and is made of top quality leather.

Price: £24.60 (£20.50 ex VAT) 25.29 USD US Dollars, 22.55 EUR Euros, 179.01 CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi, 2,710.98 JPY Japan Yen

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Antique Brass Sam Browne Stud assb1antbThis Sam Browne stud has an antiqued brass finish and is useful for attaching/ shortening straps e.g. those on handbags, gun slips, cartridge bags etc. They were originally used on the army's Sam Browne belt. The halves of the stud simply screw together, we recommend the use of a drop of Threadlock to keep the parts together, if the positioning is to be permanent. Dimensions as follows: Length of male part:9mm Diameter of head:6mm Diameter of shaft:4mm Diameter of base:9mm This range of replacement parts is useful for practically minded people, who have a leather project or repair they need to undertake and who do not have a saddler or repairer in their neighbourhood. If you have any queries about the suitability of this spare, please call +44 1494 775577 and ask to speak to Paul.Add Antique Brass Sam Browne Stud

Price: £2.04
(£1.70 ex VAT) 2.10 USD, 1.87 EUR, 14.84 CNY, 224.81 JPY

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