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Tula Shoulder Strap in dark mocha.

Tula Shoulder Strap stss4
Tula Shoulder Strap stss4
Tula Shoulder Strap stss4
Tula Shoulder Strap stss4

Tula Shoulder Strap in dark mocha


Product Code: stss4

Price: £15.00 (£12.50 ex VAT)
17.19 USD, 14.77 EUR, 109.76 CNY, 1,951.05 JPY
A replacement strap for your Tula "softee" handbag. Available in dark mocha. Has an adjustable sliding strap with the longest length being 45 inches (114cm) and the shortest length being 24 inches (61cm). The strap width is 19mm or 3/4 inch. This strap requires a small level of skill to fit assuming that the existing bag has available D's to attach to. It simply needs threading through the D's and fixing at one end with a rivit (Shown below).

If your strap needs fixing by us and you would like a quote please email me (Paul) pj@saddler.co.uk and i will be happy to advise you.

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Tula Shoulder Strap stss4
Tula Shoulder Strap stss4

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Any questions? Call Sara or Paul on 01494 775577 (if not from UK please call 0044 1494 775577) Mon-Fri 9.30 a.m. to 5.00p.m. Please Note: We do not accept orders by telephone and enquiries are better placed by email too. You may alter the quantity of goods in your basket at any time (click on the basket).