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Cox the Saddler Survey

This survey is now closed. If you have filled it in you were in the draw.

It was a free draw to win one of SIX Barbour scarves each with RRP of £22.96.

The draw took place on 27/10/2017. We will attempt to contact the winners.If we cannot make contact by 10th November 2017 we will draw a new winner to replace.

The lucky winners were:

Winner 1 is fabrice*******
Winner 2 is ctarp******
Winner 3 is chris11_*******
Winner 4 is georgeey******
Winner 5 is davidatfl******
Winner 6 is annette.rad*******

What is your email address?
In case you win!
1. Which is your main country of residence?
2. What did you ask your search engine to look for?
3. Please list the brands, if any, that you would like to be able to find here.
4. How many times have you visited our website?. 1 - 2
3 - 6
7 - 15
5. What do you like about our website?
6. What do you dislike about our website?
7. Please rate our customer service. Awful
No experience yet
8. Your preferred ordering method. Online
9. How much postage would you expect to pay roughly for a Barbour Jacket? Nothing
£0.01 to £2.50
£2.51 to £5.00
£5.01 to £7.50
£7.51 to £10.00
£10.01 to £15.00
Over £15.00
10. If we offered live chat support on the website, would that be: Unhelpful
Quite helpful
Very helpful
Finally, just so we can check it, your email address again?

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