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Thanks Sara. Arrived today. Super service and fitted just right

Graham B., East Sussex
Hi Sara & Paul,

Thank you very much for the prompt despatch of my order. It arrived Saturday morning as promised.

I shall definitely be ordering from you again.


Anne M., Cheshire
Dear Sara and Paul,

Many thanks for your super service. I am delighted with my Brady Cartridge Bag. It was extremely kind of you to honour the original purchase price.
I am not on Face Book so unable to leave excellent feedback for you but will certaInly recommend your shop.

Kind regards, Kenneth.

Kenneth H., Edinburgh
Paul, I've just got around to replacing the catch on my briefcase. I managed this in 5 minutes with no problems.

So for 10.60 I have saved myself the cost of a new briefcase. This one originally cost 35 from John Lewis a couple of years or so ago.

Many thanks!


Alastair B., Newcastle
Great service and very pleased with the goods thanks very much.
Nicholas P., Cumbria
Toward the end of April I sent to you a case with defective lock. I requested that the lock be repaired /replaced. You repaired the lock & I had the case back within about a week of sending it. For the repair you charged 5. You said the repair had been simple & quick to do.

I thank you for peerless customer service & integrity. It would have been easy for you to charge me ten times more & I'd have still paid up happily. So thank you for exemplary service.

Michael P., U.K.
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