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Reins for horse riding
Lunge and Control Equipment
Horse Stirrups, Leathers and Treads
Horse Grooming Accessories
Horse whips, crops and sticks
Nosebands for Horses
Headcollars for Horses
Breastplates and Martingales for horses
Horse Riding Accessories

Pewter Badges
Pewter Badges depicting British Wildlife
Pewter Badges Depicting Breeds of Dog.
Pewter badges depicting British Birds
Pewter Badges Depicting Species of Fish.
Pewter Badges Depicting Miscellaneous Subjects.
Pewter badges depicting horses.
Pewter Badges Depicting Sporting Activities
Horn Gifts
Horse Brasses and Martingales
Bone China Mugs Depicting Birds and Animals
Leather Bound Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Leather Care Products

Country Living Accessories
Brady Game Bags, Gun Slips and Cartridge Belts
Brady Cartridge Belts
Dog Whistles, Leads and Collars
Christy and Akubra Hats

Spares for Leathergoods, Suitcases & Handbags
Replacement Briefcase Combination and Key Locks
Replacement Briefcase Hasps
Replacement Soft Briefcase Key Locks
Replacement Suitcase Locks
Replacement Suitcase Wheels
Replacement Handles for Briefcase and Suitcases
Miscellaneous Spare Parts
Replacement Zip Runner Tags
Replacement Chain Straps for Handbags
Magnetic Clasps and Pull Snaps for Bags, holdalls and Cases
Tucktite Clasps for Bags and Cases
Briefcase Handle Loops and Posts
Strap/ Handle Attachments for Handbags
Replacement Studs, Jeans Buttons and Rivets
Replacement Trigger and Snap Hooks for Shoulder Straps
Replacement Soft Briefcase Combination Locks
Replacement Handbag and Briefcase Fasteners
Replacement Parts For Hartmann Cases
Replacement Rolled Handles for Holdalls and large bags
Leather Straps and Strapping
Flat Handles
Suitcase Padlocks
Hardware for traditional Trunks and Gun Cases
Spare Leather Pull Tags for Handbags
Leather Shoulder Straps
Telescopic Handles for Suitcases
Suitcase Keys
Base studs and feet for briefcases, suitcases, handbags and holdalls
Metal and Leather Corners for Cases
Webbing Strap Hardware
Black Nylon Snap Hooks
Non-Leather Shoulder Straps for handbags and holdalls
Suitcase Base Stands
Zips and zipping Equipment
Handbag Frames
Tools For Leatherworking and Crafts
Leather Zip Pulls
Hinges for Use on Leather Cases

Riding Clothing
Leather Half Chaps
Riding Hats
Jodhpurs and Breeches
Riding Gloves
Riding Boots
Stock Pins

Walking Sticks and Umbrellas
Walking Sticks

Travel Goods

Barbour Jackets
Barbour Jackets for men
Barbour Jackets For Ladies

Barbour Mid-Layers and Trousers
Barbour Ladies Mid-Layers and Trousers
Barbour Men's Mid-Layers and Trousers

Barbour Accessories
Barbour Dog Accessories
Barbour Belts
Barbour Miscellaneous Accessories
Barbour Scarves
Barbour Gloves
Barbour Hats
Barbour Socks
Hoods for Barbour Jackets
Barbour Bags

Barbour Footwear
Barbour Footwear for Ladies
Barbour Footwear for men

Leather Wallets
Tumble and Hide Tudor Leather Wallets
Tumble and Hide Newton Leather Wallets
1642 Leather Wallets
Tumble and Hide Leather Wallets
Leather Purses
Leather Gloves
Leather and Synthetic Handbags
Small Leathergoods
Leather Belts
Leather Briefcases and Holdalls

Hedgren Bags
Hedgren Across Body Bags
Hedgren Hobo Bags
Hedgren Backpacks
Hedgren Tote Bags
Hedgren Waist Bags
Hedgren Briefcases

Bridle Leather

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Thank you for the follow up, Paul - and the fair price & reasonable shipping on quality merchandise. I promise to look your way first should the need for future purchases arise, as well as mention your establishment to friends on this side of the pond.
Best of luck to you,

Eric W., Amityville
Hi Paul, Jacket arrived on time, many thanks, oh also please give my regards to the very helpful lady I spoke to on the phone.


John D., Flintshire

Just to thank you and let you know the wheels seem to do the job. They are a bit smaller than the originals, which must really have been more like 73-74mm in diam., but they seem to protrude sufficiently to work properly.

Thanks for your help.

Mr. D., Herts.
Walking stick ferrule arrived safely and fits very well. I was rather dubious aboout getting a ferrrule for a stick with an oval cross-section and no taper but this is fine and just needed a couple of good thumps on the floor to seat it firmly. All the best,

Robert A., Rugby
Thanks, once again, great service.

I would like to tell you an amazing tale.

I bought a Barbour Border jacket from you about 4 years ago. Great advice on the telephone, great customer service and great value.

I decided I needed to replace my 15 year old Beaufort jacket, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where I’d bought the Border jacket from. I searched on the internet, but was searching under Barbour not saddler. Suffice to say, I’d given up hope of remembering or finding your name.

I travelled to Chester yesterday to both the Barbour outlet and Outdoor & Country. Both told me nobody wants a navy Beaufort, they only stock the olive colour. So I’d resolved to ordering one online from O & C, but they were very expensive.

Late yesterday evening, my wife was watching BBC iPlayer. The item finished and she exited iPlayer. The tv defaulted back to a live broadcast. It was midway through an episode of, 'Cuckoo', the comedian Greg Davies was talking to a group of people. I think he was a canvassing politician.

I was reading a book, so looked up very briefly, but took little notice.

Then a child started shouting, I think he said “fat man”, "fat man”, “fat man”. This annoyingly drew my attention.
I looked up again, the screen cut to a wide shot, with Greg Davies walking away.

And you know what I’m going to write now.

There in the background was your shop with Cox the Saddler as clear as anything.

I couldn’t believe it, I said to my wife, “That’s the name of the shop I’ve been trying to find for ages”.

It is probably one of the most serendipitous moments in my life. There were so many coincidences.

For her iPlayer programme to finish at that time, and for the tv to default back to the channel we were watching earlier (it could have been one of several), and at almost the exact moment that your shop came into view. Even more amazing is that I looked at the tv at that particular moment. As I said, I was deep in a book, normally I wouldn’t bother, but the shouting child disturbed my concentration.

My very best regards, John

John M., Merseyside
Sara and Paul,

Thank you received today; a pleasure doing business with you.

Best regards


Richard R., Luton
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