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E Jeffries Eldonian Bits

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Pelham Bits
Good for strong horses
Kimblewick Bits
kimblewickbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Used as a pony bit when extra control is needed.
Double Bridle Bits
doublebridlebits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Used to achieve finer positioning of the head
Eldonian Hanging Cheek Snaffle Bits
eldonianhangingcheeksnafflebits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Encourage lower head carriage.
Eldonian Dutch Gag Bits
eldoniandutchgagbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Act on the poll with varying degrees of strength.
Eldonian Fulmer and Full Cheek Snaffles
eldonianfulmerandfullcheeksnaffles_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Good for young horses or those that need help with steering.
Eldonian Driving and In Hand Showing Bits
eldoniandrivingandinhandshowingbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Used to lead a horse in hand, when showing or to drive horse in harness.
Eldonian English Gag Bits
eldonianenglishgagbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Used on two reins, snaffle action used mostly; correctional gag rein only when necessary, to raise the horse's head.
Eldonian D Cheek Bits
eldoniandcheekbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Non-pinching bits the American way.
Eldonian Loose Ring Bits
eldonianlooseringbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
For subtle communication between horse and rider.
Eldonian Curved Mouth Bits
eldoniancurvedmouthbits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
To help the horse understand.
Eldonian Eggbutt Snaffle Bits
eldonianeggbuttsnafflebits_e jeffries eldonian bits_horse bits_saddlery.jpg
Great for novice riders and fussy horses.
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Customers Say

Thank you the folding floral walking stick has just arrived - it's great, it's a christmas pressie for my mum.

Jayne W., Northampton
Arrived today and I can see that it'll work so really pleased that the briefcase can be brought back into service.

I also took the opportunity of getting a wallet from you - again very pleased, sort of twice the result, although I'd probably not made the purchase as a single item given the postage.

Keith G., East Yorkshire
Thank you for despatching the purse I ordered so promptly. I bought it as a gift for my mother who had bought a similar purse years ago. She loved the design because the centre purse opens out and she can see what coinage she has. We had had a search in local shops for a replacement, then I found your website. My mother is delighted with the purse and I am pleased that I have supported a small family business. If I need a purse in the future I will definitely use your company again.

Kathryn L., Cleckheaton
Hi - the purse arrived today. - very pleased with it. I have a mania for purses and I like this one very much. Thank you - will be looking on your website in the future.

June B., Manchester
The wheel which you sent fitted perfectly. You provide a very useful and efficient service. Thank you.
Ken W., Wales
Thank you for my order, very pleased with it and the outstanding service I have received.
Darren C., York
Wow! The new wheels I ordered yesterday arrived by recorded delivery this morning already. Thank you.
Michael L., Hereford
Walking Stick arrived and am very pleased with it. Many thanks.
Stepehn H., London
Thanks for the update; we also are a small family business. We make custom wooden products for international competitive martial artists. These caps are for our Irish fighting sticks / canes that we also make.

Craig of Dallen Manufacturing, Ontario
Thank you Sara and Paul. I've been looking for these for a while and was delighted to find them on your web site. I'll mention this to my friends.
Good luck with your business!

Don S., Brantford, Ontario