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The Classic Canes Brand

Classic Canes

Classic Canes is an independent family owned and run company based in Somerset, England. The family owns an ancient woodland of deciduous trees ash, chestnut, blackthorn etc., the source of many of the walking sticks in their range. They developed the forestry side of their business first, introducing formal coppicing to produce a supply of raw walking stick material.

Coppicing is a traditional forestry technique and the method used to produce rustic walking sticks. A deciduous tree such as ash or chestnut is sawn in two, whereupon the part remaining rooted in the ground produces a number of new shoots. Within a few years, these grow large enough to form walking sticks. They are then cut from the tree and the process begins again. The rounded handle of a knob walking stick is fashioned from part of the original tree's trunk; they do in fact grow upside down. Thumbsticks are grown in the same way except that the V-shaped handle is formed by a naturally occurring fork in the new shoot. Coppicing is the ultimate technique for sustainable woodland.

As one of Britain's foremost suppliers of walking sticks, shooting sticks and umbrellas, Classic Canes is involved in all stages of the production of walking sticks from managing the coppicing in their woodland to commissioning contemporary ranges. They insist on rigorous standards throughout the production process to ensure their walking sticks meet our high expectations. Their enthusiasm for their product is reflected in their extensive knowledge of walking sticks and this knowledge is always at our disposal.

To measure someone for a walking stick, first ask them to stand looking straight ahead with their weight evenly on both legs and their arms relaxed by their sides. Then measure from the floor up to the prominent bone of their wrist. The answer is the length of walking stick needed.

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Thanks for a very good service, I received my products today and was very impressed with how quickly you despatched them to me. Thank you again

Christina M., Gloucestershire
Hi Sara, Just to let you know that the shooting stick arrived this morning. My wife is very pleased with it.
Thank you (and GPO!) for a most efficient service.

A. Cassidy, Guildford
The straps arrived yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with them, they fit perfectly and really add the finishing touch to my case. Thank you for your prompt service. Best regards
Neale C., Chesington
Jacket arrived this morning, thank you - excellent service, fully customer focused. Bigger fish could learn a thing or two from you!

It's great to know of family businesses like yours, and will look to you first for outdoor gear.

Jacket looks good quality and stylish, too. Be just the job for windy days. It certainly whips up here!

Jan, Scunthorpe
Your service was brilliant/ speedy and the replacement wheel is perfect!
Roger J., Northumberland
Just to let you know that the Gamefair arrived on Friday and it's perfect! It is a little longer than the one I had before, but by no means too large. It's so good to see the Gamefair again! It's the most suitable design for women in my view.

Many thanks for all your help. We'll certainly use your Company again.

Chrissie, London
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